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Experience the healing power of art and creativity
as you face the challenges of life.

Deborah S. Kincaid, MS, ATR
Registered Art Therapist

"I've been involved in the art process almost all of my life, loving each medium for its own unique qualities. In that sense, I consider myself to be a jack of most, master of one: the colored pencil.

"Exploring art materials over the years always brought with it the surprise – the ah ha moments – when I'd fall in love all over again. It didn't matter whether it was oil pastels, watercolor, chalk pastels … and then I met Ms. Colored Pencil. It was Madam or Ms. Colored Pencil who befriended me and it was she who has taken me through the last thirty plus years of my recovery from substance abuse and co-dependency. Ms. Pencil showed me how to express my innermost feelings in such a way that was not self or other destructive."

As a Registered Art Therapist, Deborah Kincaid is an advocate for using art as one means of recovery. Art has a quiet way of leading to the inner landscape. "Arting," as Debbie likes to call it, is the opposite of soul deadening — it fires the soul and calms the mind. From this place of quiet reprieve creativity can emerge — the voice of authenticity and truth — to be listened to and guided by.

Through her combined experiences as a Registered Art Therapist, and co-owner of a business specializing in vocational rehabilitation counseling, Debbie has developed a unique set of therapeutic skills. This led her to found Karibu Arts Center, blending various art processes with substance abuse recovery, spirituality, and vocational rehabilitation counseling. Karibu and Debbie welcome juveniles at risk as well as adults at all stages of recovery and challenged by the issues facing them as they return to their lives after incarceration.

Karibu Center's vision is to help you grow in wellness and wisdom, so that you may return to your life and to your community. We hope that you will be inspired to mentor and help others to find their creative voice.

Karibu is creative healing — come be part of a place for finding creative expression, for finding the help and resources you need, or for simply finding a place to feel welcome.

Deborah Kincaid, MS, ATR

Deborah Kincaid, MS, ATR
Karibu Center founder

"I might have been a great dancer
With awards upon my shelf
I'd have been a big success
If I hadn't lost myself
Deep down the real me exists
When it's safe she'll show her face
While she's waiting for that day
I'm here to take her place."

by Brenda Medina, pgs 165-166
from Couldn't Keep It To Myself by Wally Lamb

Karibu Center — The Healing Power of Creative Expression

306 N. Grove Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Deborah S. Kincaid, MS, ATR
Registered Art Therapist

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